1st edition, 25 & 26 November @ Nixon Cinema

2010 is our first year as a autonomus festival. After two creative years in collaboration with PlatformaVideo Festival and the starting point with the tribute to student films, the festival moves on to a broader direction. The programme is consisted by 3 sections: Student Films, Panorama and the Tribute.

In details:


  • Section: Student Films

– Kostakis (Greece), dir: Theodora Maliarou

– Art of Exile (The Netherlands), dir : Afra Dekie

Vendemos Recuerdos / Memories for Sale (Mexico/UK ), dir: Carolina Corral Paredes

  • Section: Panorama

– The Camp (France) dir:Danielle Davie

– Bunongs Birth Practices (Switzerland-Cambodia) dir : Tommi Mendel & Brigitte Nikles

Sifinja The Iron Bride (Sudan-Germany) dir : Valerie Haensch

Demolition (China-USA) dir : J.P. Sniadecki

  • Section: Tribute to British Documentary Movement of the 1930’s

HOUSING PROBLEMS (1935) Arthur Elton/E.H. Anstey

SHIPYARD (1935) Paul Rotha

CHILDREN AT SCHOOL (1937) Basil Wright

INDUSTRIAL BRITAIN (1931) Robert Flaherty

GRANTON TRAWLER (1934) John Grierson

SPARE TIME (1939) Humphrey Jennings

The SAVING OF BILL BLEWITT (1937) Harry Watt

A MIDSUMMERS DAY’S WORK (1939) Alberto Cavalcanti

NIGHT MAIL (1936) Harry Watt/Basil Wright

The SONG OF CEYLON (1934) Basil Wright

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