third act

ImageThe 3rd Athens Ethnographic Film Festival has finished – and we are very happy to be saying this – with great success. A success that is highlighted by the audience turnout, which honestly exceeded our expectations, but also by the positive feedback for the films of the festival.

For yet another year the wide-ranging audience embraced and boosted this effort, and the festival can argue a powerful case for its existence, not only within the framework of the scientific or academic field, but within a wider context as well.










Thus, we would like to thank all the filmmakers who sent us their films, especially Yannis Drinis, Silas Michalakas, Fotini Stefani, Dimitris Prousalis and Luca Di Meo who visited the festival, presented their films in person and spoke with the audience. A special thank you to Exile Room and Valerie Kontakos and Despina Pavlaki – the warm and welcoming space they have created was instrumental to the festival’s success.

Last but not least, a huge thank you to all those who honoured us with their presence during these two days, as well as for the feedback which they shared with us in order to help along our effort.

We renew our date for 2013.


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