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9ο Πανόραμα Οικολογικών Ταινιών

Today begins the 9th panorama of ecofilms where 2 of the films from our water tribute will be screened.

these are:

– She River, Encounters by the river Po and surrounding by Rossela Schillaci and 

Traditional Water Management Among the Stromi Village People by  Nicholas Sfakianakis 


Σήμερα στο 9ο Πανόραμα Οικολογικών Ταινιών θα προβληθούν τα εθνογραφικά φιλμ που παρουσιάσαμε στο αφιέρωμα μας για το Νερό.

Είναι οι ταινίες:

She River: Συναντήσεις γύρω από τον Ποταμό Πάδο, της Rossela Schillaci και 

– H Παραδοσιακή Διαχείριση των Υδάτων στο χωριό Στρώμη, του Νίκου Σφακιανάκη 



news for the Afghan Box Camera Project 

(from their kickstarter website)

Update #4: 14 DAYS TO GO!

With 103 backers so far and having gone beyond our initial goal, we’re putting all our effort right now into getting to PESHAWAR, Pakistan to get an insight into the lives of the Afghan photographers who lived there as refugees. And if we manage that any more funds go to hiring extra assistants in Afghanistan to research in small towns around the country. Meanwhile, the British Journal of Photography is going to run a feature on the project in April and we’re also going to exhibit our work (with a box camera of course) at the Ethnology Museum Munich in their upcoming Afghanistan exhibition in October. The project is moving forward. We hope all the way to Peshawar! 


Lukas & Sean

a great anthropologist is no longer with us


‘Observational realism is an approach which is probably with us to stay, in the sense that it is likely to be rediscovered afresh by each generation of ethnographic documentarists.’ (Loizos, 1999)

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