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Final Programme and The Timetable

We are happy to announce the Final Programme of the Festival

Section: Student Films

Kostakis (Greece), dir: Theodora Maliarou

Art of Exile (The Netherlands), dir : Afra Dekie

Vendemos Recuerdos / Memories for Sale (Mexico/UK ), dir: Carolina Corral Paredes

Section: Panorama

– The Camp (France) dir:Danielle Davie

– Bunongs Birth Practices (Switzerland-Cambodia) dir : Tommi Mendel & Brigitte Nikles

Sifinja The Iron Bride (Sudan-Germany) dir : Valerie Haensch

Demolition (China-USA) dir : J.P. Sniadecki

Section: Tribute

British Documentary Movement of the 1930’s

HOUSING PROBLEMS (1935) Arthur Elton/E.H. Anstey

SHIPYARD (1935) Paul Rotha

CHILDREN AT SCHOOL (1937) Basil Wright

INDUSTRIAL BRITAIN (1931) Robert Flaherty

GRANTON TRAWLER (1934) John Grierson

SPARE TIME (1939) Humphrey Jennings

The SAVING OF BILL BLEWITT (1937) Harry Watt

A MIDSUMMERS DAY’S WORK (1939) Alberto Cavalcanti

NIGHT MAIL (1936) Harry Watt/Basil Wright

The SONG OF CEYLON (1934) Basil Wright

the screenings start at 18:30

Here you can download the TIMETABLE

and also below you can see the 2nd version of the poster

The Logo is made by  Dimitris Mylonas (

and the Artwork by Panagiotis Aggelopoulos (


Official Poster

Here you can see our official poster. It is the first of two versions








The Logo is made by  Dimitris Mylonas (

and the Artwork by Panagiotis Aggelopoulos (



First Edition with the British Documentary Movement of the 30’s

The first Ethnographic Film Festival of Athens is ready to start its journey on the 25th and 26th of November at Nixon Cinema.

This year, in its 1st edition, the festival has the honour to collaborate with the British Film Institute (BFI) and to organize a tribute to the British Documentary Movement of the 1930’s, one of the most important movements for the documentary and ethnographic film.

In 1926 film critic John Grierson, introduces the term ‘documentary’ commenting in an article for Flaherty’s film ‘Moana’. In 1929 he was commissioned to direct his first film, Drifters, which was received with significant success and then he became the Films Officer at the Empire Marketing Board where he created the EMB Film Unit, the first production unit of the documentary film movement.

This is the moment when the well-known British Documentary Movement was born with members the pioneer directors Basil Wright, Paul Rotha, Harry Watt and Alberto Cavalcanti.

The programme presents some of the finest films from this important moment for the history of documentary, a cornerstone in the debate of Ethnographic film, its exoticism and its sizeable cinematic talents.


Ethnographic Film Festival

phone:  +30 210 6544917


Nixon Cinema, Agisilaou 61Β, Keramikos, Athens, phone: +30 210 3462077

Note 1: the entrance is free

Note 2: the screenings have only english subtitles.

Note 3: the entire programme will be announced shortly